We specialize in custom design and blacksmithing using a combination of metals, glass, stone, and wood based on the customer’s wishes and visions. Our work ranges from forging primarily ornate and decorative wrought iron railings, gates, and staircases, to artistic and modern indoor and outdoor pieces. Our blacksmithing is always original and can not be recreated.

Our main areas of expertise are Iron Railings and Iron Gates.
Through artistic blacksmithing, we also create custom furniture, lighting fixtures, indoor and outdoor sculptures, as well as hardware. Many of our customers have been repeatedly coming back for new iron work masterpieces. Our wrought iron work involves the strategic manipulation of metal that is first heated to malleability in the blacksmith forge. It is not cast iron (i.e., moulds) or mass production. Rather, traditional blacksmithing techniques are required and specific tools used (such as the forge, hammer, anvil, tongs, and power hammer). It is a timeless craft that we take pride in.